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We at Cool Breeze Travels have created a blog where we write about everything from places to visit in your skoolie to how to bus conversion tips. We have seperated them into catergories to make it easier for you to navigate. ENJOY!


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  • Kitchen Gadgets for your SkoolieKitchen Gadgets for your Skoolie
    These Kitchen Gadgets for your Skoolie will save you space and give you all the utensils to make a meal. It has been said before that space is limited in a skoolie and you should to stretch your space! These Kitchen Gadgets can take over your large utensils and will stretch your space! The Esle Houzie ...
  • Propane Set Up for your SkooliePropane Set Up for your Skoolie
    Having a propane set up for your Skoolie is a great option for heating and power. Done right, you wont have to worry about heat, hot water, or anything else that you will use the propane for. I put together this kit for portability and safety for your propane set up! The first piece of this ...
  • Portable Hanging ShelvesPortable Hanging Shelves
    We all know Skoolies are short on space and these Portable Hanging Shelves can give you more! You probably have a nice nice set up of built in shelving to put items or clothing on. This hanging shelf can be your travel buddy as it folds into a small case that can be easily stored. The ...
  • New Rechargeable Hand WarmersNew Rechargeable Hand Warmers
    The new rechargeable hand warmers are very good tool for a lot of people, especially if you work in a cold environment. Not only do the y keep your hands warm during work, it can be a life saver anywhere you take it. The hand warmer can be stored in your car, in a backpack, ...
  • Solar Powered Emergency LanternSolar Powered Emergency Lantern
    When the lights go out, grab your solar powered emergency lantern! This will be your first go to that will get to you your generator or an alternate light source. This lantern was seen first on Shark Tank and is now now the leading emergency light source. Keep home in your home, Skoolie, RV or ...
  • Pet Temperature Monitor for your SkooliePet Temperature Monitor for your Skoolie
    Having a Pet Temperature Monitor for your Skoolie is the best way to travel with your furry friend. We all bring out pets with us on our Skoolie trips, but sometimes they need to stay aboard your vehicle. This device is the bast way to make sure they are safe from high or low temperatures ...
  • Wood Burning Stove for your SkoolieWood Burning Stove for your Skoolie
    Using a wood burning stove for your Skoolie is a good option for cooking and heating! Wood is a cheap fuel option and you can access it in many different ways that doesn’t cost much. It will also add to the ambiance and reduce the energy requirements of your bus! But, you do need a ...
  • Next Generation Rechargeable BatteriesNext Generation Rechargeable Batteries
    The Next Generation Rechargeable Batteries have arrived and they are remarkable. We all have equipment that needs batteries and it is a pain to have to run to the store to buy new ones or wait for amazon to deliver. If you already have rechargeable batteries, you under stand the difficulty you can face just ...
  • Skoolie Books for Starting your BuildSkoolie Books for Starting your Build
     Skoolie books for starting your build can be very helpful tools to get you going. But, there are many different books out there. I will review two books in this blog. One is a step by step guide on building your Skoolie. The second is a way to help monetize your build by using sponsors. ...
  • Portable Charger for your Skoolie TechPortable Charger for your Skoolie Tech
    This is a Portable Charger for your Skoolie Tech that you use on a daily basis. We use everything from a camera, cell phone, GPS and much more. Nothing is worse then being away from your Skoolie and not having a way to charge your devices. This little device will provide you with power anywhere ...
  • 2nd Stimulus Check Update: 11/22/20202nd Stimulus Check Update: 11/22/2020
    Right now, the whole country is slowly running out of patience with the news on a 2nd Stimulus Check. For Skoolie owners, this wait is painful as a lot of us are running through our savings. Some have lost jobs, forced to work from home, or lost some sort of needed income. In most cases, ...
  • Portable Air Cooler for you SkooliePortable Air Cooler for you Skoolie
    With the cooler weather moving in, this is the best time to pick up a Portable Air Cooler for your Skoolie. Around this time, the price of heating goes up and the price of cooling goes down. Don’t wait till it gets hot to grab this simple cooling system! The Socool Fan Store Portable Air Cooler ...
  • Best Washing Machine for your SkoolieBest Washing Machine for your Skoolie
    Having a washing machine in your Skoolie can make a huge difference on your trips and location. But, having that modern luxury can take up a decent amount of space, which can be a go or no go in a Skoolie. This washing machine doesn’t need much space, is less than the average compact washers, ...
  • Skoolie Tech: Bluetooth HeadsetSkoolie Tech: Bluetooth Headset
    When it’s time to hit the road or start a new task on your Skoolie, a Bluetooth headset is a way to go. For this Skoolie Tech Blog, we will be looking at a Bluetooth Headset that is functional and sleek! Put down those big, bulky headphones that takes up so much space and get ...
  • Amazing Chair for your Skoolie Camping Trip!Amazing Chair for your Skoolie Camping Trip!
    If you’re using your Skoolie to take you to an upcoming camping trip, add this chair to your manifest list! There is nothing better than sitting under a star-filled sky by a campfire in an extremely comfortable chair. And, if you’re not careful, you might just spend the night in it and still wake up ...

What is a Skoolie?

I am building and traveling the United States in a Skoolie. What is a Skoolie? A school bus converted into an RV (also known as a bus conversion).


Why I created a blog

I think that everyone should be prepared for anything their adventure throws at them and I have created this bus conversion blog to help. I have compiled lists of places to visit with your motorhome. I have researched hikes and trails. I hope to help you with your roadtip as well as myself.


Where to get Skoolie supplies

Looking for the right products to help you on your roadtrip? I have built a shop where I guide you through the right product for the right situations. You can visit the store here.


Bus Conversion Blog Categories

I have broken the conversion blogs into specific categories to make it easier to find what you are looking for. I hope to answer all your questions. i would like to help you plan a fun roadtrip in your school bus conversion with these blogs.