The Grill That Will Travel With You

May 8, 2019. by

The cold weather is now behind us and traveling season is in full gear! No matter where or how you are traveling, you are going to need food and there is nothing better than throwing some meat on the grill for a tasty meal. The only problem is that most grills are too big and bulky. Well, this grill packs right up in a bag and had a bonus cooking solution for your travels!

The Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill is the solution for grilling out when you are traveling, camping, hanging at the beach or boondocking. This small grill is propane fueled using a standard 16.4 oz propane bottle that you can purchase at almost any big chain store or online. It is smaller, but delivers 6,000 BTUs of heat across it’s 105 sq. in. of grilling surface giving you equal heat distribution. The cook top surface is not only good for grilling, but is also designed to make other meals like bacon and eggs for breakfast, making it the only major cook top you will need. It comes with a grease catch that is dishwasher safe along with the cook top for easy clean up. It easily folds up and can be place in the storage bag when you are finished, which also has a slot for the propane canister so you can keep everything stored away together for quick set up. So, for your next trip, don’t worry about dragging along lighter fluid and charcoal, just plug in the propane, hit one button and your fired up, ready to cook!


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